Film projects looking for coproductions

PROYECTA, the joint initiative of Ventana Sur, the Marché du Film and the San Sebastian Film Festival, created in 2018 for feature film co-productions in Latin America and with Europe, opens the call to receive audiovisual projects in development from Europe and Latin America in search of co-production, which must be first or second works by the directors.

Producers of the selected projects will have the opportunity to present their works to professionals from the international film industry at a pitching session followed by one-on-one meetings with attendees interested in their projects.

Attendance at the event will be open to all accredited members.

The travel and accommodation in Buenos Aires of the main producer (one per project) will be covered by the organization.

Proyecta is part of Ventana Sur, the main Latin American audiovisual market, jointly organized by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina (INCAA) and the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes.

Proyecta, the joint initiative of Ventana Sur, the Marché du Film and the San Sebastian Film Festival opens the call to receive audiovisual feature film projects in development from Europe and Latin America in search of co-production, which must be the first or second works by the directors.


Dir: Camila Zabala / Prod: Enid Campos – Play Storyboard (Perú)



Dir: Marcel Beltrán / Prod: Paula Gastaud – Mediocielo Films (Cuba) y coproducido por Brasil.

Tell Me How Much You Love Me

Dir: Camila Zavala Chocano | Prod: Enid Campos

Country(ies) of production: Peru



Water Never Hurt

Dir: Ana Clara Bustelo | Prod: Tatiana Oruste

Country(ies) of production: Argentina and France

Main production: PEZ DORADO CREATIVE


The Heart is an Erratic Muscle

Dir: Julián Dabien | Prod: Vanesa Pagani

Country(ies) of production: Argentina

Main production: PELÍCULAS V



Dir: Dalia Huerta Cano | Prod: Elisa Fernanda Pirir

Country(ies) of production: Norway, Lithuania and Belgium

Main production: STÆR



Dir: William Reyes | Prod: Ana Martins

Country(ies) of production: Honduras and Colombia

Main production: OPIDA



Dir: Alejandra Villalba García | Prod: Carlos Miguel Paz Olivieri Sangiacomo

Country(ies) of production: Mexico

Main production: PIANO


Caraíba Brothers

Dir: Eduardo Morotó | Prod: Alexandre Soares

Country(ies) of production: Brazil

Main production: TAQUARY FILMES



Dir: Martina Matzkin | Prod: Rocío Pichirili

Country(ies) of production: Argentina

Main production: GRONCHO ESTUDIO


The Devil’s Wells

Dir: Jairo Boisier Olave | Prod: Diego Pino Anguita

Country(ies) of production: Chile and France

Main production: CANGREJO FILMS


Stink Eye

Dir: Cristina Sánchez Salamanca | Prod: Duván Duque Vargas

Country(ies) of production: Colombia



Marriage by Abduction

Dir: Sophia Mocorrea | Prod: Nicole Gerhards

Country(ies) of production: Germany

Main production: NIKO FILM



Dir: Marcel Beltrán | Prod: Paula Gastaud

Country(ies) of production: Cuba and Brazil

Main production: MEDIOCIELO FILMS


Malena Again

Dir: Lisandra López Fabé | Prod: Claudia Figueredo

Country(ies) of production: Cuba and France

Main production: IWA PELE


Roberto and the Puppeteers

Dir: Verónica Font Alfaro | Prod: Pablo García Pérez de Lara

Country(ies) of production: Spain, Colombia and Germany



Three Black Nights

Dir: Theo Court | Prod: Marina Alberti

Country(ies) of production: Spain and Chile

Main production: EL VIAJE FILMS


WEMW (When East Meets West)

WEMW (When East Meets West) is an event that brings together more than 700 film professionals from over 60 countries. The programme is based on an annual East and West double focus and includes several activities: a pitching forum, a slate market, works in progress sections, a lab for films in the editing phase, a showcase of short projects and a series of inspirational labs.

The Award includes:

  • An invitation for 1 representative of the project (the main producer) to participate in EAVE Slate of WEMW (When East Meets West) Co-Production Market in Trieste (Italy).
  • Travel grant and 4-nights accommodation to participate in the event in January 21-24, 2024


SØRFOND is the fund established and jointly run in 2011 by Stiftelsen Festivalkontoret and the Norwegian Film Institute. It grants top financing for the co-production of fiction and documentary films where the main producer is located in a DAC country with a Norwegian minority producer attached. The applications to Sørfond must be made through a Norwegian minority producer.

The award includes:

  • A seat in the annual pitching forum during the Films from the South Festival in November 2024 for one team member, and the possibility to present for and meet with potential Norwegian co-producers.
  • Projects in the pitching forum will pass the pre-selection process that all other applicants have to submit to and go straight to the jury if they apply for SØRFOND with a Norwegian co-producer attached.
  • A pitching course.
  • Coverage of the travel, accommodation and food for one team member for the project during the stay in Oslo to attend the SØRFOND Pitching Forum the following year.
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