>Photos & Video Ventana Sur 2017

Ventana Sur 2017 Recap

Day 1


Audiovisual Promotion Policies. Challenges and New Technologies

Animation! Training Session: A Successful Pitch

Panel: Sitges 50th Anniversary – International Fantasy Films Festival At Catalonia

Cannes Directors’ Fortnight: How, Who and Why?

Trivia Crack: From the Gaming World to Content Production

Latin American Immersive Experiences

Meeting Tables Blood Window

Making A Latin American Film With Korean Ip


Day 2


Beyond The Window Meetings – First Round

Trends: The VR Videogames Business in Latin America

Animating Ideas: What Cartoon Network is Looking For

Trends: The VR Experience at Venice Film Festival

Cinando Subtitles: Share and Monetize your Subtitles Worldwide


Capacitación Pitching


Reality Check Panel

Development with Virtuous Travel

Series Mania

Work in Progress

My series as a brand

Animation! Training Sessions


Día 3

VS Spaces

Beyond The Window Meetings – Second Round

Budget Workshop

Animation! Pitching Sessions

Producer Network

Trends: Business Models With Cryptocurrency In The Audiovisual World

Virtuous Development Path

Series Mania

Work in Progress

My Series as a Brand

Animation! Training Sessions


Día 4

One on One

Blood Window: Meet The Festivals

Producer Network

Ralph Haiek

Trends: Fundraising and innovation to finance immersive business

Trends: Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies in France

Peppa Pig, A Success Story

Trainning Sessions

Cannes Week

Animation! / Primer Corte / Bw / Trends Awards Ceremony


Day 5

First Ibero-american Encounter Of Immersive Companies

Trends: Webseries In Argentina

Two Latin Powers Ignite The Vr Business: Brazil And Mexico

Trends: Spanish Immersive Reality