>ANIMATION! – Registration of Series

This call is for animated feature film and series projects from Latin America in development or in pre-production stage.

A selection of up to seven projects per category will be curated by representatives of the Annecy International Animation Film Market (MIFA).

The projects will be showcased during Ventana Sur Market 2022 and they will be evaluated by a jury made up of MIFA members and animation experts.
The jury will choose four winning projects (two for series and two for feature film) that will be part of a special program presented by Animation! in Annecy 2023.

Ventana Sur will take place between November 28th and December 3nd, 2022.


– This call for Projects is for animated feature films and series in development or in pre-production stage.
– Only Latin American projects, including co-productions involving a Latin American majority partner, can be registered.
– For hybrid productions (live action and animation), the projects will only be considered if they have at least a 50% of animation.
– The projects may be presented by the author and/or producer.
– Only one project per author and/or producer can be submitted per category.
– Only projects whose paperwork is complete (entry form and materials submitted) and have been sent before the deadline will be considered, whatever the competing category.
– In the case of TV series, the project must not have been pre-purchased by a TV channel.
– The deadline to submit the materials is  August, 26th 2022.


– Representatives of the Annecy International Animation Film Market (MIFA) will select up to seven projects for feature film and up to seven projects for series.
– The selected projects will be announced around mid-October.
– The finalist projects will be part of the Animation! Pitching Sessions that will take place between November 28th and December 2nd, 2022 at the Ventana Sur Market. The project leaders will have the chance to share their pitch and to promote their projects among the international industry professionals accredited in the Market.
– One representative per project will receive a complimentary accreditation for Ventana Sur 2022.
– Travel and accommodation expenses remain the responsibility of the selected companies.
– Both, pitching and training sessions with experts will be held in English.
– In addition to the on-site pitch, each finalist must send a video pitch of the project before November 7th, 2022.


– The finalist project holders will receive a tutorial and will have access to mentoring sessions in order to develop their pitch properly.
– The video pitch must be sent before November 7th, 2022, considering these technical specifications:

  • Video file: .mp4 or .mov
  • Video codec: H264 or Apple ProRes
  • Video resolution: FullHD: 1920px X 1080px
  • Frame rate: 24 img/sec or 25 img/sec or 30 img/sec
  • Video output: Constant Bite Rate (CBR) mini 10 Mbps, maxi16
  • Mbps Audio channels: Stereo Audio codec: AAC Audio output: mini 256Kbps, maxi 512Kbps
  • Language: English with Spanish subtitles
  • Maximum length: 6 minutes

– It should be mentioned that any video pitch that does not meet the requirements or that is not delivered on time, will not be considered.
The video pitch will be displayed on Ventana Sur’s online platform and will remain available for the Market accredited.


A jury made up of MIFA members and animation experts will choose four winning projects (two series and two feature film) that will be part of a special program presented by Animation! in Annecy 2023, France. The International Animation Film Festival of Annecy will offer, as an award, one accreditation per project, which will give full access to all the market events (MIFA pass). For projects with more than one representative, additional accreditations should be afforded by the production company.

Beside the main award given by MIFA / Annecy, the finalist projects will be eligible for other prizes, such as those given by La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana and Pixelatl among others. Those prizes will be announced at the Market awards ceremony.


All the projects that successfully complete the submission and are directed by women will be considered to take part in Animation! Mentoring Program for Female Creators. A jury made up of members of the international industry will select up to five finalist projects. That selection will be announced during Ventana Sur. The Mentoring Program will take place at the beginning of 2023. After the training, one project will be selected from those in the program to be presented at MIFA / Annecy 2023.


– Registration is free
– All selected projects and information about the authors will be listed on the Market and Animation! websites and social networks.
– The information and images submitted might be used in promotional materials of Animation! Pitching Sessions.
– Any circumstance not foreseen in these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by the event authorities.
– The organization reserves the right to revoke the Jury’s decision if necessary.
– By accepting these current terms and conditions, you authorise Animation! Ventana Sur to reproduce and broadcast, free of charge, on all their communication media, graphical and audiovisual elements that are provided by you during registration.
– The registration for the presentation of a project implies the unconditional acceptance of the present regulations and, in case of selection of the project, the commitment of the presence of a representative at the event.


A – Online registration
B- A single PDF file including the following information in English:

  • Title (Original title & English title) & Country (include co-production countries if any).
  • Production Company information (email, telephone, website).
  • Technical information (length, number of episodes in the case of series, animation technique, genre and target audience).
  • Short synopsis (summary of the story) max. 300 characters.
  • Logline (summary of the project in one sentence).
  • For Series only: Storylines of 3 episodes (a short paragraph per chapter summarising its content).
  • For feature films only: one page extended synopsis (max. 3000 characters with spaces).
  • Concept: idea, graphic and musical treatment etc (max. half page).
  • Available graphic elements: backgrounds/sets, characters, model sheets, and any other materials that the project holder(s) think(s) worth including (first images, link to an online trailer/teaser etc.).
  • Name and Bio of the author(s), director, scriptwriter and producer (max. 300 characters each).
  • A project progress sheet, with information about the development stage and details about the future schedule.
  • An estimation of the budget in American dollars (USD) and funding requirements. Please include the acquired % of the budget (ex. 20%) and information about funding and any grants collected. Also list previous participation of your project in Markets, Workshops or Labs.
  • A note explaining the copyright situation of the project (sent to a writer’s association, transfer of rights if subject is taken from a work that already exists).


IMPORTANT: The PDF file must be sent by a transfer link to the following email: info@animation.com.ar

Please make sure all the files are named with the English title of the project. Remember that your entry will not be completed until you have sent all the submission documents.

Registrations are closed