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The call for Latin American projects for animated feature films and TV series in development for Animation! Pitching Sessions has broken the record this year, with 180 registrations from all Latin America. With this number, this 2017 edition has surpassed last year’s record by more than fifty percent.

The successful response includes projects for feature films and TV series from 14 countries, such as Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Cuba and Dominican Republic. Countries such as Mexico and Brazil have doubled their registrations in both categories.

Representatives of the MIFA Market at the Annecy Festival (France) have finished the selection process of finalists that will pitch their projects during Animation! at Ventana Sur.

The selected projects are:

Feature Film Category

A Arca de Noé

Country: Brazil

Director: Sérgio Machado

Producer: Fabiano Gullane / Caio Gullane / Walter Salles


Country: Argentina

Director: José Joaquín Garin

Producer: María Florencia Blanco

Escape a la India

Country: Argentina

Director: Gastón Gorali

Producer: Juan José Campanella

(Animation! award winner in the animation and videogames festival Pixelatl, in Cuernavaca, Mexico)

Country: Mexico

Director: Sant Arellano

Producer: Sant Arellano


Country: Mexico

Director: Luis Tellez Ibarra

Producer: Paula Astorga Riestra

La voz mágica de Edith

Country: Colombia

Director: Andrés Barrientos

Producer: Cristina Villar

Pueblo Chico

Country: Uruguay

Director: Walter Tournier

Producer: Esteban Schroeder

Tata Miguel

Country: Chile

Director: Tomás Andrés Montalva Armijo

Producer: Eduardo Andrés Fierro Duque

TV Series Category

Las aventuras de Ugo y Serena la ballena

Country: Argentina

Director: Sebastián Mignogna

Producer: Sebastián Mignogna

Mi hermano el monstruo

Country: Mexico

Director: Ernesto Molina

Producer: Joe Alanis

Os Bolecos

Country: Brazil

Director: Alexandre Neves Almeida

Producer: Flavio Mayerhofer

Ray Trigger, comandante del espacio

Country: Argentina

Director: Javier Salazar

Producer: Javier Salazar

¡Sube el nivel!

Country: Chile

Director: Fernanda Frick

Producer: Fernanda Frick

Verdeo el bife

Country: Argentina

Director: Esteban Echeverría

Producer: Gonzalo Speranza

What Would Jesus Do?

Country: Colombia

Director: Julián David Hernández Castillo

Producer: Andrea Cataño Pulgarín


Country: Chile

Director: María Luisa Furche Rossé

Producer: Stefania Malacchini

We have the confirmation: Véronique Encrenaz (MIFA/ Annecy) and Joan Lofts (Executive producer of Peppa Pig and other series) will be part of the jury evaluating the project pitchings.